SwipeSimple by Capital Bankcard

SwipeSimple is an all-in-one mobile POS solution. The mobile app and EMV credit card reader forms a full-featured and easy-to-use payment terminal, which you can carry in your pocket. Take your business with you, and make sales anywhere. 

Mobile Payment Terminal




Fast and Easy Checkout

Track Transactions on the go

 Inventory Tracking and Management





Protects Sensitive Data

Rugged and Easy to Handle

Widely Compatible

Web Dashboard

Run Your Business More Effectively

Online Dashboard

Run your business more effectively with powerful, real-time reporting tools. Use your data with other accounting or business software by exporting in CSV file format.


Real-Time Inventory Management

Quickly add or edit items with details such as name, SKU, price, tax and more. Any changes will automatically be synced with all your devices through the dashboard. Track and update inventory quantities easier than ever.